FIRE RATED WINDOWS & DOORS UK We Manufacture And Install The Highest Quility Tested Fire Rated Windows & Doors Complete with Fire rated Glass To Uk Clients

fire rated steel windows and doors and safety glass in Manchester

Bespoke Fire Rated Windows & Doors In The UK

At Prestige Architectural Ltd we work with an extensive range of fire rated steel systems at our fabrication factory, providing you with a variety of options suitable for any project size, design and requirement. Our fire rated steel doors can be designed with a thermally broken frame for external use or non-thermally broken for internal fire rated steel doors. We Manufacture and install the UK's highest quility fire rated glass and steel fire rated windows and doors, all compliant with current regulations. We have fabricated and installed such glass and steel framework for some of the biggerst companies in the UK. Feel free to browse our fire rated systems page and view our portfolio of completed fire rated windows & doors projects.

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Fire Rated steel windows and doors in the UK

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Our Fire Rated Systems Process

Prestige Architectural Ltd UK are the specialists in the fabrication, supply, and installation of aluminium, steel and glass fire rated systems. From our base in Manchester we serve the entire UK. Our turnaround of work completion is unparalleled as we use the latest computor drawing technologies to design the systems and manufacture, assemble and powdercoat all of our fire rated windows and doors in our purpose built fire rated systems factory.

Available Fire Ratings are:
EI 15 | EI 30 | EI 45 | EI 60 | EI 90 | EI 120

30 Minute Fire Rated Windows and Fire Rated Doors, 60 Minute Fire Rated Windows and Doors, 90 Minute Fire Rated Windows and Fire Rated Doors, 120 Minute Fire Rated Screens available Supply and Install or Supply only with free delivery available on certain orders.

30 Minute Fire Rated Curtain Walling, 60 Minute Fire Rated Curtain Walling, 90 Minute Fire Rated Curtain Walling available Supply and Install or Supply Only.

We offer free surveys and consultations with our highly experienced in-house fire rated systems architectural advisors as standard.

We powdercoat all of our fire rated windows and doors systems in house to any RAL colour of your choice and can colour match to your specifications. See our clickable Ral Chart bellow for inspiration and feel free to contact us today to discuss your own fire rated requirments.

Prestige Architectural also manufacture and fully install Fire Safe Roller Shutter Doors that work in unison with the buildings fire alarm system, our fire safe doors can save your property, products and most importanly peoples lives.

Fire screens

We can install a large range of manual glass sliding door systems: Dorma-Manet, Trojan, Agile, with or without soft-close. Glass sliding doors are an excellent solution to optimise floor space whether it be commercial or residential and at the same time create a transparent environment. They’ve been designed to slide smoothly onto the rails for the comfort of the users. Our sliding door systems are made from stainless steel and are easy to install. They require simple glass preparation (CAD cut-out details are available on request). Prestige Architectural is a specialist in the design and installation of fire-rated glazing for doors, screens, curtain walling and roof glazing. Our steel glazed systems are available in mild steel (Powder-coated to any RAL) or stainless steel (satin or mirror polish). Our fire rated systems are tested for smoke rating and are available with or without thermal break.

Our systems are tested to EN for integrity only and integrity and insulation up to 120 minutes.

Integrity only glass systems: Doors and screens (including butt-jointed) Curtain walling Roof glazing

Integrity and insulated glass systems: Doors and screens (including butt jointed) Curtain walling Roof glazing Our steel glazed systems are also tested for security protection such as bullet-proof and anti-vandalism (portcullis doors).

The BooHoo.com Fire Rated Project

The boohoo.com project is one of our largest scale fire rated windows, doors and office screen manufacture and installation projects to date.
After the flawless installation of stage one, we were given the go-ahead to proceed with the second stage, third, fourth and further stages of this work are currently on going.

With each fabrication and installation we gain more experience and learn more optimal ways to complete the work, making us hugely efficient in the fire rated windows, doors and office screens industry. Please feel free to view our boohoo.com project so far.

BooHoo.com fire rated glass and steel office frames in Manchester UK

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Prestige Architectural Ltd and It's employees are fully certificated